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A group of flamingos is known as a “Flamboyance of Flamingos”

This little known fact is brought to you by the San Diego Zoo. Others are:

1. Army of frogs
2. Ambush of tigers
3. Bale of turtles
4. Band of jays
5. Bevy of quails
6. Bouquet of pheasants
7. Business of ferrets
8. Cete of badgers
9. Charm of finches
10. Clowder of cats
11. Clutch of chickens
12. Colony of gulls
13. Convocation of eagles
14. Covey of partridges
15. Crash of rhinos
16. Earth of foxes
17. Exaltation of larks
18. Family of sardines
19. Flamboyance of flamingos
20. Flight of doves
21. Gaggle of geese
22. Hover of jellyfishes
23. Herd of antelope
24. Kennel of dogs
25. Kindle of kittens
26. Knot of toads
27. Leap of leopards
28. Mob of kangaroos
29. Murder of crows
30. Ostentation of peacocks
31. Parliament of owls
32. Pack of wolves
33. Paddling of ducks
34. Pitying of turtle doves
35. Pod of whales
36. Pride of lions
37. Rag of colts
38. Richness of martens
39. School of fish
40. Shrewdness of apes
41. Siege of herons
42. Sounder of boars
43. Skein of geese
44. Skulk of foxes
45. Sloth of bears
46. Stable of horses
47. Swarm of bees
48. Trip of goats
49. Troop of monkeys
50. Unkindness of ravens



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